Looking for a quick and easy way to learn how to use 3D-Album? We offer several products, each of them designed to help you quickly build your first album and produce your first DVD for play on TV. Click on the links at the left to learn more about our How To Tutorial, our How To Videos, and to get information on our wedding CD.

FREE 3D-ALBUM GUIDE. This free guide covers Section 1 of the Tutorial PDF. Many people just need a quick intro to get started CREATING their first album and BURNING it to a DVD. This free guide will walk you through this process. The Tutorial PDF contains 2 additional sections covering problems, tips, and tricks. The How To Videos are for those who prefer to watch and learn.

WATCH AND LEARN with our How to Videos. These videos will help you get off to a fast start. You'll be able to listen to my instructions while watching the video. You'll also receive a copy of the demo files so that you can follow along. The video runs on your PC, so you'll be able to watch it, hear it, pause it, and then do what I did using the same styles and pictures. Click here to view a short sample (press your F11 key to maximize the viewing area). The video will start to play after all 2mb have downloaded. Purchase THE WORKS (a single DVD with all 5 videos, The Tutorial, and the Wedding CD) for only $35.

STARTER PACK VALUE BUNDLE allows you to purchase the first three How To Videos (How to Create Your First Album, How to Create a DVD, and How to Use the Collect Feature), the Tutorial, and the Wedding CD all for only $30. You'll find it in the ORDER page.

Each Wedding CD order also includes the tutorial pdf, a sample template similar to what I use for making wedding DVDs, a Word Document to help create your DVD cover, and my digital photo album.

CDs are mailed via USPS to address you specify. Shipping free within USA. Priority mail and global shipping extra. See Shipping options at bottom of order page for details.

None of these tools include a copy of the 3D-Album program. To purchase 3D-Album, visit their web site at 3d-Album.com. Neither do they include a copy of any of the 3DTime styles. To purchase 3DTIME styles, visit their web site at 3DTime.com.

The Tutorial PDF contains much more then the free 3D-Album Guide. It contains more information. There are three main sections: Once you receive the pdf file, you will then be able to print off a copy to keep at your desk as a reference guide. You will also be able to use your Adobe Reader software to increase the font size (to make reading easier), as well as being able to use Adobe Reader's SEARCH function to find exactly what you're wanting to look up.

BILL'S HTML REFERENCE GUIDE: A related, but separate product that shows how to use HTML tags such as Underline, Center, Image, etc. in building web pages using nothing more then NOTEPAD. It also shows you how to purchase a domain name which includes web hosting space for your web site (domain name and web space start at only $15 a year).