Don't listen any one who tells you that they can guarantee placing your web site on the top ten pages of any of the popular search engines. And, don't believe any one who tells you that they can guarantee sales results for you.

What can you believe? Results. All web pages are not created equal. Web pages need to be designed to meet the purpose. The most attractive web site for your audience may not be the most effective web site in generating search engine results.

When we design and host your web site, we will attempt to get you a listing on the top ten pages of one or more of the following search engines: Google, MSN, or Yahoo. Can we guarantee results? No. we can only guarantee to try, based on a search phrase which includes your geographic area (such as Gladstone, Milwaukie, Oregon City, Portland, etc.).

Here are some of the results that we have achieved:

Gladstone Auto Body and Paintauto bodyMay 13, 2016Page 1 
Able Radiator Repairradiator repairMay 12, 2016Page 1 
D & D Tax Service Gladstone taxesMay 12, 2016Page 1Before we rewrote this site, it didn't appear at all.
Gladstone BusinessesGladstone BusinessesMay 12, 2016Page 1 
Sara's Barber Shop Gladstone barber shopMay 12, 2016Page 1Also page 2 for barber shop
Grande Ronde Chiropractic ClinicGrande Ronde chiropracticMay 12, 2016Page 1 
The Ranch on Beaver Creek outdoor wedding Lebanon OregonMay 12, 2016Page 1Before we re-wrote it it was on page 23 of Google.
Dee Mitchell - Funeral CelebrantFuneral CelebrantMay 12, 2016Page 2