Download Demo Screensaver

Clicking on the link above should allow you to save the BlessingsDemo.exe file. Save the file to your PC/laptop, and after scanning it with your virus checker, right click on it and execute/run it in Administrator mode (right click and select run as administrator). This will install the demo as a screensaver on your PC/laptop. Requires Windows operating system (XP, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10, etc.). The screensaver is intended for PC/laptops running a Windows operating system; and is not intended as an app for tablets and smart phones running Windows 10.

The demo consists of a slide show containing 5 photos with bible verses that are displayed in a random order with transition effects between each photo.

There are two versions of the screensaver available.
1. The free demo version described above.
2. The full version containing 75 photos. $10 for digital download.

The full version allows you to set the amount of time the photos will be displayed. I personally like to use a setting of 15 seconds per photo which allows me time to both view the image and read the bible verse.

Contact us for information on how to purchase the screensaver.

Watch demo