Web hosting

We specialize in the Portland Oregon metro area. We only provide hosting for web pages supported by us. We make all changes to your web site for you (see below). No one else is allowed access to the web site files.


There is a one time fee to design/build your web page. Click here to see samples of our work and our standard prices.




$75 /quarter
$125 /quarter


Free domain name registration and annual domain name renewal (1)

Yes Yes

Alternate domain name included (2)

No Yes

Supports Standard HTML code, and Javascript

Yes Yes

Email accounts included (ability to send and receive emails) (3)

4 10

Total space shared by email accounts (3)

1 gb 4 gb

Secure Email (4)

Yes Yes

Supports Email Aliases (5)

Yes Yes

Automatic Spam Reduction (6)

Yes Yes

Web Site Disk Space (7)

200 mb 1 gb

Traffic / Bandwidth

2 gb 10 gb

Supports Subdomains

Yes Yes

Supports MySQL Database (8)

No Yes

Free Web page changes (9)

2 hours/ changes
per month
1 hour/ change
per week

Password Protected Directory (10)

Yes Yes

SSL Certificate (11)

Yes Yes
We reserve the right to cancel any web page that contains offensive material or any illegal or pirated material; as well as any account sending spam or unsolicited emails, or emails containing any of the items described above. Prices and terms subject to change.

1. Free domain name renewal requires using our domain name registry service.

2. Alternate domain name would be a second domain name that points/redirects to the primary domain name. There is no additional disk space, email addresses, etc. associated with it. Requires using our domain name registry service. Additional alternate domain names can be purchased for $25 per year.

3. Those packages that support sending and receiving emails allow you to send and receive emails from your domain using names such as Bill.Smith@yourdomain com, Bill@yourdomain com, sales@yourdomain com, etc. Instructions are provided for POP3 emails using Outlook Express (other email programs such as Outlook and Eudora can also be used). Web mail interface available. Each email account comes with 250mb of space (Business PRO package comes with 400mb of space for each email account). Additional email accounts available for only $5/month per email account. We strongly suggest that email programs be set up as POP3 and emails be deleted from the mail server either immediately or after 30-60 days. This allows you to download emails to multiple devices without running the risk of exceeding the mail server space allocations. If mail server is "filled" up then you will not be able to send or receive emails. Mail accounts hosted on our mail servers are not allowed to send out email blasts. We recommend Mail Chimp for sending email blasts. Sending spam or unrequested emails from our accounts is not allowed, and will result in loss of email privilages. If your email account is hacked or stolen your email account will be shut down until you have your devices (PC, laptop, phone, tablet, etc.) checked to insure that any virus or malware software has been removed. A repeat problem will result in loss of email privilages.

4. Mail can be sent as secured or unsecured, depending on how you set up your mail account on your mail client (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.), or how you access webmail (using HTTP or HTTPS) on any internet browser (IE, Firefor, etc.). We recommend that you use secured connections. For email clients choose TTL/SSL connections and for webmail use HTTPS. Secured email is encrypted between your PC and our mail server. Please be aware that mail is only secured between your PC/laptop/tablet/phone and our mail server. Mail that is sent/received between our mail servers and other mail servers is not secured. Ask for complete information.

5. Email Aliases: All packages allow you to receive (but not send) emails to your domain that are forwarded to another email account (your gmail, yahoo, aol, msn, hotmail, etc. email account). This allows you to use such names as Bill.Smith@yourdomain.com or sales@yourdomain.com even if your package doesn't allow you to send emails. Each email alias must be requested individually. Email aliases can be very effective, but you do need to be aware of one problem with any email alias. If the email is forwarded to an email address with a different domain then the one contained in the alias (ie: forwarding bill@domain1 to bob@yahoo), then the receiving domain's email server (yahoo's in this example) might tag the email as SPAM. So, if you want to use email aliases, you will need to run a test to insure that the emails are delivered to you and don't end up in a SPAM folder, and if they do you will need to adjust your SPAM settings to allow the emails to be delivered to you.

6. No one likes getting spam. For our BASIC PACKAGE, we use a special process that reduces the amount of spam that you receive. Like almost everyone else, we check incoming mail against a list of known spammers. But spammers manage to get around that process all the time. So, in addition, we use a special initial mail delay technique that stops spammers but allows real emails to get through to you. Subsequent emails come through with no delay. For our BUSINESS PACKAGES, we use SPAM ASSASSIN. Each business account is able to have their settings customized to suit their individual needs.

7. Disk space used by web site is for actual HTML, CSS, Javascripts, images, audio files, databases, etc. This space is separate from the email storage space.

8. MySQL is a database. Databases are used to create dynamic interactive web sites, such as E-commerce sites. These sites usually have a higher development cost.

9. Additional web support charged at standard rates. Work is charged in 1 hour increments. Standard rate is $50/hour. Unused "credits" do not accumulate. In order to control the content of web pages designed and hosted by us, we do not allow customers to make their own changes or to upload their own files. We handle all of this for them.

10. Password Protected Directories are for read-only files, uploaded securely by us for you. Ask about additional restrictions.

11. Free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate, allows secure encrypted browsing to your site. SSL certificates are required for websites that need to provide a secured connection (https or the small padlock symbol).

Don't buy a higher priced package then you actually need. When we get together to discuss your project, we can talk about which package is best for you.