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Things to know for my email customers



Setup your new email in WEBMAIL

How to change your password

How to delete/empty your TRASH and JUNK mail folders

Moving Legitimate emails out of the JUNK Folder back to your INBOX

Create Spam Filters (to auto move spam mail to JUNK folder)

View your existing Spam Filters

White and Black lists


Setting up Email on phones, tablets, laptops, etc.

Setup your new email on other devices
The above link will open a new window/tab taking you to's website.
Some key info:
    - POP3: use SSL/TLS port 995
    - IMAP: use SSL/TLS port 993
    - Set both incoming and outgoing mail servers to
    - Outgoing server requires authentication
    - Use full email address as username (ie
    - You may see "untrusted certificate error". You can ignore - but make sure that your domain name for mail server is valid.
    - Be sure to set your preferences/options to empty TRASH folder on exit