Using webmail If your domain is hosted by northwestpages, and if you use our mail services, then you will find answers here for how to use webmail to access your emails, to change your password, to see what emails are in your junk folder, and to create filters to help reduce junk (spam) mail from your inbox.

Email Delivery Problems and Fixes Sometimes mail doesn't get delivered to your local iPhone, tablet, iPad, Smartphone, laptop, or desktop. In some cases you can fix this by checking your local device's junk/spam folders and/or by adding the sender to a "white list" or "safe sender list". But sometimes that still doesn't fix the problem - because the email is in a junk/spam folder located on the mail server. MSN Hotmail/Outlook and Google's Gmail are two examples of this. My mail server also has a junk/spam folder that must be accessed via webmail. This page will walk you through how to fix these problems.

Changing Windows 10 Default Mail App Windows 10 now uses it's own MAIL app as the default mail program when you click a MAIL TO link on a website. You can easily override this to set your own favorite mail app (Thunderbird, Outlook, etc.).

Setting up Zoom Video Conference app Zoom is a great tool for video conferencing. One of the great things about it is that you don't need to have your own Zoom account to participate in a Zoom video conference. Only the conference host needs to have an account. But some of us are unsure how to add Zoom to our PC/laptop, Android tablet, or Apple/Mac device. This page will walk you the instructions for adding Zoom to your device.

Bill's Photos

Click here to see Bill's photos. You'll find samples of his photos covering Oregon and Washington lighthouses, Oregon covered bridges, flowers, Portland's International Rose Garden, Mt. Hood, Crater Lake, Pacific Coast, and more.


Bill's Kindle Books

Bill's Kindle Ebooks make a great addition to your smartphone, iphone, tablet, and/or ipad. Originally developed as Sunday School classes designed for new Christians, they are a great addition to your Kindle library, and they are priced at only $2.99 each. Be sure to check back often as special prices are periodically offered. Just click on this Kindle Ebooks link to see information about each book.