White and Black lists

White and Black lists are used to identify domains and/or specific email addresses that you want to always receive (white lists) or always want to treat as spam/junk (black lists).

First, the bad news. You can't add, change, or delete any white or black lists using WEBMAIL. This has to be done using the PLESK account for your domain. My clients contact me with these requests and I do it for them.

Second, more bad news. There are two types of white and black lists - global lists abd individual email user lists. Global lists affect all email accounts in the domain. Individual email lists affect that one specific email account. The bad news here is that PLESK accounts can not access/utilize global lists. This just means that white and black lists must be created/duplicated for each individual email account.

So, what are white and black lists? White lists are those domains or individual email accounts who you want to ALWAYS have their emails delivered to your INBOX. Black lists are those domains or individual email accounts who you ALWAYS want to have their emails immediately go to your JUNK folder so you don't have to even look at them.

The good news is that I can set these up for you. I'm going to cheat and add in one more piece of bad news here. Often spammers will create a specific domain which is only used for a short period, then dropped. This means that fighting spam is an ongoing never-ending battle.


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