Route 66 Game

Bill's Route 66 Game
Fun online game celebrating historic Route 66. To WIN the game, be the first to travel from Chicago, Illinois to Santa Monica, California. There are two versions of the game available:

ADV: The Advanced version of the game pits player against player. Each player is dealt 4 cards. Players take turns playing one of their four cards. A new card replaces the card played (so that they always start a new turn with 4 cards). There are 4 types of Route 66 cards: Side Trip, Road Hazard, Move Ahead, and Fix-It. Side Trip and Road Hazard cards are played on another player. Move Ahead cards are played on yourself. Fix-It cards are used to immediately fix a Road Hazard. When a Road Hazard is played on a player, that player will either play a Fix-It card or they will roll the dice. Depending on their roll they will lose up to 3 turns. When a Side Trip is played on a player, they will lose their next 2 turns. When a player plays a Move Ahead card on themself, they will roll the dice to determine how many segments they will move ahead (a six roll will let them roll the dice again). As each Route 66 card is played, another automatically replaces it so that each player will always have 4 cards to choose from. The percentage breakdown of the different types of Route 66 cards are: Move Ahead (50%), Side Trips (20%), Road Hazards (20%), and Fix-It (10%).

EASY: Players take turn rolling dice. A 1 or 2 will result in either a SIDE TRIP or a ROAD HAZARD. Side trips cause the player to lose that turn, so they make no further advancement in their race to Chicago. Road Hazards cause the player to lose two turns, so they make no further advancement in their race that turn, and they lose their next turn as well. A 3 or 4 roll will advance them 1 segment. A 5 or 6 roll will advance them 2 segments. A 6 roll will also result in them getting to roll the dice again.

Guests always play FREE. Guests are players who have been invited to play by the Table Host.

Who pays? Table hosts pay $48 for a full year to host a table. Host then invites 1-6 guests to play online. Try 2 weeks for only $2 to see if you like the game. Host fee allows you to host 1 table, which can be used to play any of our games (Hand and Foot, Pinochle, 6 Card Golf, Up and Down the River, Lucky Paw, Route 66, and TallyHo the Marble game). Only 1 game of any type can be played at a time. Contact HostaGame @ for details.

No need to download an app. That's right. Many of the games played online require you to download an app from Google Play or Apple Store. This version of the game is played online over the internet. No need for players to register or enter in special information such as credit card numbers.

Play on almost any device. Requires online internet connection and a browser (Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Firefox, Samsung Internet, Chrome, etc.) The browser needs to have Javascript enabled on it (this should be a browser setting). We have played this game using desktops and laptops, Chromebooks, iPads, tablets, iPhones, and Smartphones but we recommend using devices with a minimum of 8 inch screens to avoid too much scrolling. We have found that a 10 inch tablet/iPad display screen works quite well.

What's missing, different, or difficult?
1) Each player should have their own device (PC, laptop, tablet, iPad, etc), and that device MUST have an online internet connection (no solitair or stand-alone play).
2) The game does not include any form of chatting, texting or messaging between players. Players need to use a separate audio connection (such as phone, facetime, discord, zoom, etc) to chat with other players.

No ads. And there are no ads, pop-up or otherwise.