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Affordable Mobile Friendly Web Sites

Let us create the website for your business. We take care of everything for you, from obtaining a domain name, to building your site, and then hosting it on the internet. We also handle making changes for you as prices, hours, services, etc. do change over time. Just click on this Web Design link to see our portfolio.

Club Calendar

Ad free, easy to use, mobile friendly, social media links for events, handles 1 day, 2+ days, weekly, monthly, yearly, 1st & 3rd, can even skip dates ... it's the perfect calendar for clubs, groups, churches, and non-profits. Available for only $15 a year. It can be embedded in existing web page or accessed directly. Just click on this Calendar link to learn more.

Blessings Screensaver

Our Blessings screensaver consists of 75 photos with bible verses/poems that display in a random order each time they play. You can download a free demo of the screensaver by clicking on this blessings screensaver link.


Friends & Family Online Games
Fun online games for 2, 3, 4, 5,or 6 people.

Hand and Foot Card Game:  Table host sets the rules, which include such things as series consisting of any combination of 50, 90, 120, 150, and 200 point rounds. Close up to 3 books for each face value (4's thru Ace's). No need to manually count points - scoring (both individual rounds and series) is automatic. For 2, 3, 4, or 6 players. See details here.

Pinochle Card Game:  Choose Single Deck or Double Deck standard Pinochle, or try 5 Card Pinochle, 6 Card Pinochle, or 7 Card Pinochle. Play partners or Cut-Throat (non-partners). Choose to pass cards between partners, or to use a Kitty for Cut-Throat. Choose whether players must follow suit, whether players must play Trump if unable to follow suit, and whether players must win trick if possible. Choose bidding auction, as well as Bid or Bunch, and Shoot the Moon. Choose Meld and Trick scoring values. Scoring is automatic. See details here.

Six Card Golf Game:  Each player starts with 6 cards face down. They then pick 2 cards to turn over. Players take turns using cards from the draw pile or the discard pile to replace one of their 6 cards. The game continues until one player has all six cards face up. Scoring is based by adding up the values of the cards in each column. See details here.

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